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Posted by on Aug 1, 2015 in Life in Benin | 0 comments

Learning from the Natives

People nowadays should always take time to look back at how ancestors and aborigines lived their lives so healthily and peacefully in the past, despite lacking the technology that are enjoyed and abused by those living in the now.

During the old times, people worry about nothing else but the food they will eat for the day, the clothing that they will have to wear with the purpose of protecting them from the cold or heat and not with the purpose of looking fabulous, and the house they will have to live in, with the purpose of protection and not to impress their neighbors.

Basically, the main goal of our ancestors was to protect themselves and survive another day. Such basic desires and motivation caused them live more healthily because they do not tamper with nature too badly.

Nowadays, however, tampering is the new thing. That is why houses are built in materials that are believed to be sturdier than plain wood, and they are built in excessively bigger sizes than it needs to be.

But despite all that technology has to offer, houses are still susceptible even to the most basic element there is – water.

For people in Benine, Africa, water damage is one of the most hazardous types of contamination that any house could ever encounter. A friend from Africa had to learn and deal with this truth, the hard way, after losing his house in NY due to his negligence about water contamination.

He was born and raised in Benine, but he has moved to NY to pursue greater success. However, he never thought that an event such as what happened would be so damaging to his home.

His house was beyond repairable with all the insects thriving inside his walls and dirt and molds all over the place. His house was always damped because he lives in an area that was frequently flooded. Thinking like he was still in Benine, were floods are even something locals become happy about, he disregarded the frequent flooding in his house and just let the areas dry naturally or just push out the water. He never gave it much thought before.

Now, he lives in another house because the old one was no longer habitable by humans. Insects and germs have taken over the place. We all know that water is a nutritious element, but it not only give nutrients to plants and animals and human beings, it is also a very healthy element for the bad things as well, such as molds and bacteria and harmful insects.

If only people learned to think more like the aboriginal people did, then he would have understood that the essence of a house is to protect the people inside it, and as the house protects the owner, it is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that the house remains in top condition so that it could continue to serve its purpose. Giving up on the responsibility to ensure that your house is in good condition will have its consequences on you.

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Posted by on Jul 15, 2015 in Health | 0 comments

Helping Improve the Lives in Benin

Benin is a small country located in the West Africa that has a population of approximately 10 million striving people. A West African kingdom in the place called Dahomey is stuggling because most people thrived hard on its involvement in the slave trade of the place where some people dominate, The fallen place, Benin has been deeply stricken by a widespread poverty because they want to gain independence from the city France several decades ago. Although the city has a relatively stable government that is democratic, it still remains one of the poorest countries in West Africa. That’s how poverty runs in the place and here listed below are some facts about the growing poverty in Benin.


There are more than 30% of its population that live a poverty life because they cannot reach the number of basic things needed for the people to survive in this city. Although there are help from different cities nearby, it’s still not enough to feed the hungry people in Bening.


They rely their economy usually on the cotton trade run by dominant leaders and although agriculture is the main source of income in Benin, they can’t provide to feed the people. They also do export and trade business with Nigeria that only makes up roughly more than 10% percent and that’s not enough to increase its economy.


There is a massive death increase for many years now in Benin and there is an average of more than 50% deaths every year for every 1,000 live births in the city. It is not called to be the 27th highest mortality in infant alone rate in the world.

These are the common sad facts about Benin and a lot of people want to help to be able to feed the hungry people in Benin. There are many ways to help and one is to provide them with food such as Paleo Compass because it can help the people nurture their health and body. This is great way to help because they need and people can now provide them with this to somehow improve their health and lives.

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Reaching for Success through Education

Image Credit:

Image Credit:

To add more inspiration to all of those in Benin that are struggling to get out of poverty, here is a story of one of the people I have come to know and admire from Benin.

I am Jumal, born and raised in Benin, Africa, and I am very much proud of where I come from. I am in the states right now, on a mission to educate myself and earn a degree and get a shot on pursuing a career. I am doing this so that I could help my family back in Africa, as well as the rest of the people in our locality.

The African community needs more people to act out on their behalf. What the world has done to their past is something that scares a lot of them to move past it and aim for success. This is the reason that drives me today; the compassion for my fellow Africans.

Understanding the situation my country is in, it is obvious that the greatest possible way I could help them is through getting a proper education. I landed in the United States because my mother has a friend here.

I am graduating by the end of the school year, and I am very excited to start a new chapter of my life as a man battling it out there in the corporate world.

I will never forget my experiences during my stay here in our dormitory. The school grounds has been my home away from, and my roommate has been my best friend.

My roommate and I became good friends. I saw that he was a responsible guy, not like the stereotype I had of western teens. I was scared that I would not get along with whoever I will be assigned a room with but I was very fortunate that it was him.

Our college life was full of ups and downs and he helped me get through it, despite our differences in race. He never once thought ill of me and he showed me that there are still people who value respect and decency.

We took some classes together and we helped each other get good grades. For all of you planning to finish a college degree in a foreign land, you have to know that getting along with the right peers and friends is key to not wasting your college. Yes, it is important to have fun but having fun can be possible without risking your academic grades.

I always keep in mind my goal of success and I always remember the people, my family, especially my parents, who have sacrificed so much just to get me this education. I am not going to waste it over immature things. This should also be your drive for conquering college.

Now as I finish my studies, I plan to take every knowledge I have and make my family from Africa very proud.


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Posted by on Jun 4, 2015 in Business | 0 comments

Promoting Business in Benin, Africa

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One of the best ways to prosper, in a financial aspect, is through venturing into business. For countries such as Africa, going into business is starting to arouse the interest of Africans.  This is especially true now since Africa is a developing country in its own right, hence doing business here and introducing something new to the people here will surely guarantee a success. While others are still pessimistic about it, thinking that going into business is like gambling with really high stakes, some are already looking out for possible businesses to enter into. They prefer business that they could go in with as less capital as possible, but with very beneficial long term profits.

It is for these entrepreneurs that network marketing is most appealing. It needs Less cash out, and with dedication, determination and the right attitude, profits will be very rewarding. Others think it as a scam. However, network marketing has been in existence for years now, and people have actually and truthfully grown richer over the years because of it. If it were a scam, only the founders would have gone richer. If it were a scam, networking marketing would have died a long time ago.

It is important that you believe in the product you will sell or do business with, which is why research is important. You should have the answers to all the possible questions about your product and about network marketing in general.

If your research falls short and  the data you gather is not enough to convince you of the power of the product you are planning to sell, you can always try the product for yourself. It is also said that good businessmen not only believe in their products, but they actually use it. This will help them in their selling process because they can show their target consumers that they themselves are a result of the products they are selling.

Another important thing in this business venture is to know the ins and outs of your product. It will be important as you give your sales pitch to your possible clients. You should know and be able to demonstrate how the product is made and how it is prepared, and all other necessary information that your customers will need to know when they decide to purchase it. Preparation is key to a business success especially for businesses like network marketing. You should be able  answer any questions that comes up and you should be able to explain to them how the products works.

There are a lot of ways to grow in this business venture. Just always remember that before all else, you should have the passion and the drive to succeed. If you have that, then the product you would want to sell will do the talking and convincing for you, as long as you always follow through.

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