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Posted by on Apr 30, 2017 in Life in Benin, My Blog | 0 comments

Protecting Your Home in Simple Steps

Moving to a new country causes all sorts of levels of difficulty. There’s VISA and movement jobs, there’s finding employment and then there is getting to know the culture and way of life. Becoming familiar with each aspect of the way of life within new places is massively important, because it’s essentially an unwritten ‘do’s and don’ts package. Discovering what is the done thing in a country is genuinely one of the most important things, and life in Benin is no different. There is a culture of gun use and also theft. Learning how to protect your home is massively important. Check out a few simple ways you can protect your home in Benin.

Light Up Your Home

Led Light Bar

It’s a funny thing, light. The absence of it gives criminals freedom to act, but add lighting to your home and it protects, almost acting like a forcefield of visibility on the home. Automatic lights that are based on movement are a great idea to have. Another option is protecting your home with LED light bars. LED light bars are literally bars of LED lights that you can attach to your home that give off a constant, bright light. If this sounds like your thing, check out Light Bar Liaison for the best reviews of the market.

‘Beware of the Dog’

Beware of Dog Sign

Always a good way to fend off possible threats to your home – invest in a good guard dog. An even cheaper way of doing this? ‘Beware of the Dog’ signs are the warning before the warning. Many people are intimidated enough with the thought of a huge, growling dog in your house to even go near it. So, this will be a great way to deter them.

Electric Locks

Electric Locks

The problem with a lot of standard lock-and-key locks is that people lose the key – or they get stolen. When this happens, if you don’t have an alarm in your home then you’re easy picking. If you install an electric lock that works from a code entry system, you’re already safer as a result, so long as you:

  1. a)   Remember the code
  2. b)   Don’t write the code down on something easily stolen

With these in mind, you will be much safer.

Keep the House Safe When You’re Away


Houses often get burgled while the homeowner is away. It feels like an easy target, and usually it is. If you can ask a relative or neighbour to keep one eye on your home while you’re away, you will already have much better security than many around. Check the locks, alarms and gates are all securely locked before leaving the house, regardless of the reason, too.

These are merely the simple, inexpensive steps you can take to secure your home in Benin, or anywhere in the world. Implement these and you will both be, and feel, much safer of an evening. Home security isn’t merely a scare tactic, it’s a way of protecting yourself, your home and the ones you love.