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Posted by on Jun 16, 2015 in Education | 0 comments

Reaching for Success through Education

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To add more inspiration to all of those in Benin that are struggling to get out of poverty, here is a story of one of the people I have come to know and admire from Benin.

I am Jumal, born and raised in Benin, Africa, and I am very much proud of where I come from. I am in the states right now, on a mission to educate myself and earn a degree and get a shot on pursuing a career. I am doing this so that I could help my family back in Africa, as well as the rest of the people in our locality.

The African community needs more people to act out on their behalf. What the world has done to their past is something that scares a lot of them to move past it and aim for success. This is the reason that drives me today; the compassion for my fellow Africans.

Understanding the situation my country is in, it is obvious that the greatest possible way I could help them is through getting a proper education. I landed in the United States because my mother has a friend here.

I am graduating by the end of the school year, and I am very excited to start a new chapter of my life as a man battling it out there in the corporate world.

I will never forget my experiences during my stay here in our dormitory. The school grounds has been my home away from, and my roommate has been my best friend.

My roommate and I became good friends. I saw that he was a responsible guy, not like the stereotype I had of western teens. I was scared that I would not get along with whoever I will be assigned a room with but I was very fortunate that it was him.

Our college life was full of ups and downs and he helped me get through it, despite our differences in race. He never once thought ill of me and he showed me that there are still people who value respect and decency.

We took some classes together and we helped each other get good grades. For all of you planning to finish a college degree in a foreign land, you have to know that getting along with the right peers and friends is key to not wasting your college. Yes, it is important to have fun but having fun can be possible without risking your academic grades.

I always keep in mind my goal of success and I always remember the people, my family, especially my parents, who have sacrificed so much just to get me this education. I am not going to waste it over immature things. This should also be your drive for conquering college.

Now as I finish my studies, I plan to take every knowledge I have and make my family from Africa very proud.